Words Are Not Enough

christian aid and relief 1Thank you. Words cannot fully express the gratitude I feel at this moment. Over the last few weeks, the help, kindness and support my family, church and community have received from fellow Christians is overwhelming.

As we ran from Hurricane Harvey, a pastor and his family in Garland, Texas warmly and graciously opened their home and disrupted their life to give us a place to stay for five days. During the storm, thousands of Christians prayed for my family and church by name. Millions of Christians throughout the world prayed for us and for our community.

When we came home, a handful of pastors and churches here in Texas organized a relief effort for our community. Food and money flowed in. Over fifty volunteers from churches in Dallas, Austin and Houston (yes, Houston), came to Edna and Victoria to help us cut down trees, clean up yards and patch roofs for four days. Over fifty families and homes in our community were helped.

Words cannot fully express how thankful I am for the outpouring of love, prayers and support we have received from the family of believers.

More than anything else, though, I am thankful to our good and gracious God. Yes, many in our community suffered loss and pain, but the damage we suffered was minimal compared to others.

God kept us safe. He watched over us. He is making good come from this disaster everywhere I look.

Words cannot fully express how thankful I am to my God and Savior. And they shouldn’t. Words simply aren’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, God does want to hear our words and songs of praise. Every day we should thank him for his love, protection, providence and forgiveness.

But he wants more than words.

In Puerto Rico, they have an interesting name for Thanksgiving Day. They call it “día de acción de gracias” – literally, “Thanks action day.”

I love that name. Gratitude is more than words. It is an action.

God has been so good to us and our community, words are just not enough. Sure, pray to him and tell him how thankful you are. Go to church and sing to him songs of gratitude and praise. But then live that thankfulness in what you do for others.

Thousands of volunteers flooded our community to help us in our time of need. Millions of dollars were given. Seeing God’s goodness to us, it’s time to give back.

The people of Houston need our help. The people of Rockport need our help. The people of the Caribbean and Florida need our help.

I know things are just calming down here. I know we still have a lot to do to get our lives back in order. I know how busy you are. I am too. But our God and fellow Christians have been so good to us.

Let’s show our thanks. Let’s live our thanks. Let’s pray and give and volunteer.

Let’s get to work, because words are just not enough.


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