Be That Guy

guy“He’s such a guy,” she says rolling her eyes. All her friends nod knowingly as they sip their coffee.

His eyes follow every pair of yoga pants that walks by … He always leaves his socks on the floor and the toilet seat up … He refuses to ask for directions … His favorite place to be on the weekends isn’t home with you, but at deer camp with the other guys.

He’s such a “guy.”

Somehow in our world today, being a guy has become a bad thing. Sadly, our weaknesses as “guys” have come to define us. In fact, at times it seems like our world is raising a generation of boys to avoid being “guys.”

That worries me.

I feel I need to say something now which may surprise you: Men and women are different. I know. Shocking, right? God made us different. That one extra chromosome changes everything.

Men tend to be more aggressive, bigger and stronger. Women tend to be more docile and nurturing. Women tend to have better communication between the hemispheres of their brains and are more in touch with their feelings. Men tend to be visually stimulated. Women tend to be stimulated by feelings of intimacy and touch.

And those are just a few examples of the myriad of differences.

Now obviously those are generalizations. Not every man or woman falls neatly into those categories. Yet, most men and women demonstrate some, if not all of those tendencies. It honestly has a lot to do with the levels of testosterone and estrogen a person has. Men tend to have much higher levels of testosterone, and women, much higher levels of estrogen.

In the end, God made men and women different. If you don’t agree with that, there is no point in continuing to read this article.

Because men tend to naturally be bigger, more aggressive and less in touch with their feelings, the temptation for them is to be incommunicative, rude or even violent. Because they tend to be visually stimulated, yoga pants and porn tend to be a greater enticement for them than for a woman.

That, by no means, excuses such behavior. It is sin. Christian men can and should fight against the sinful tendencies of their natural instincts. But those temptations don’t and shouldn’t define what a man is.

Being a guy can be a good thing. A good guy works hard and provides for his family without complaint. A good guy protects his family at all costs. A good guy teaches his sons to be strong and his daughters that they are worthy of love and respect. A good guy brings his family to church and shows them what it means to lead and serve.

This week we celebrate Father’s Day. My encouragement to all the fathers and men out there is to be that guy. Stand up and be strong. Lead your families. Teach your boys to be men.

And when you fail to be the guy God wants you to be, be a man and admit it. Tell your wife you’re sorry. Tell your God you’re sorry with the confidence he has already forgiven because of Jesus.

Then stand up and be the guy God made you to be.