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Not So Random Acts of Kindness

handsA member from my church recently told me about a random act of kindness a stranger had done for her. She gave me permission to share her story with you.

A few months ago, she went to the Sonic Drive-In here in Edna, Texas. She had been working hard outside with her daughter all day. She was a tad disheveled and extremely tired. She didn’t even notice she was crying. Her fatigue and the burden of her personal problems had brought about an unexpected flow of tears.

When she came to the drive-thru window, the teenage girl working the window looked at her. “Excuse me, ma’am,” she asked. “Have you been crying?” Surprised, my member quickly responded, “No.” The young lady, however, immediately left the drive-thru window and walked outside with her bag of food. My member’s arm was sticking out the open truck window. The young lady began to lovingly rub her hand. She talked to my member, consoled her and encouraged her.

That simple act of kindness affected my member deeply. She still gets emotional when she speaks of it. She has not seen the young lady since and doesn’t remember her name. She will never forget, though, her simple act of kindness.

Nearly every Tuesday morning, I teach a Bible Class at the nursing home here in town. Every so often I will walk down the hall and one of the residents will be yelling, “Help me! Help me!” Her mind is nearly gone. She is lost and confused. When I can, I kneel down and speak with her. I touch her arm and then I start singing – Jesus Loves Me and then Amazing Grace. The fear and panic in her eyes are briefly replaced with peace and joy.

I once heard another pastor comment that we are Jesus’ hands and feet here on earth. Random acts of kindness carried out by Christians are not so random. God is using them. God uses us to help and comfort other people. We are his lights, shining the love of Christ for others to see.

It’s not hard to do a not so random act of kindness, but it does mean keeping your eyes open. It does mean taking a deep breath and diving into unknown situations. It means stepping up and stepping in and saying, “Excuse me. Are you okay? Can I help you?” It means a smile and a touch. It means a prayer and the simple words of God’s love.

Two thousand years ago, a man carried out a not so random act of kindness. He stepped in and stepped up. He took a deep breath and then breathed his last for you and for me. Jesus accomplished the greatest act of kindness ever committed. He suffered your punishment in your place. He died so that you could live with him forever in heaven.

Now he calls you to pass on his kindness to the world – to be his hands and feet. Could you stop at the nursing home one day on your way home from work? Could you quietly pay for the groceries of the person behind you? Could you mow your elderly neighbor’s yard? Open your eyes. Opportunities abound. Take a deep breath. Step up, step in and let your light shine.

“You are the light of the world . . . let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:14,16)