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The Pit of the Pendulum


Pendulums swing. That’s what they do. Once the arm hits its apex on one side, it will always swing to the other.

Human nature is similar. As sinful human beings, we find it difficult to keep balance in our lives. We tend to go to extremes. If you doubt that, just get on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Over the last week, two extremes have emerged in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. One side is gripped with fear. They are lining up outside Costco at four in the morning to buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer. They are glued to CNN and Fox News. They are spraying their kids down with Lysol and barricading themselves in their homes.

The other side blows off the pandemic as pure hype. The media is fueling it. It’s a conspiracy to get the president out of office. It’s as harmless as the common cold.

As Christians, I encourage you to have a balanced approach to the pandemic.

First of all, this is serious. Though the overwhelming majority of adults who contract the virus will recover with few complications, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are in danger. By trying to limit the spread of the virus, we are protecting the lives of others. Even if the mortality rate ends up being the same as the flu, aren’t those 30,000-60,000 lives a year worth trying to save?

As Christians, we also want to listen to the experts, especially in the medical field. Though we may not agree with or are inconvenienced by their recommendations, unless you have medical degree or specific expertise, Christian humility leads us to listen and follow their direction.

Christian love leads us to take the proper precautions. God has given us intelligence and common sense which should be used at times like this. We should wash our hands and not touch our faces. We should avoid situations which would contribute to the spread of the virus.

Faith, however, leads us not to panic. God sill rules over all creation. If you feel worried or afraid, read Psalm 46. God promises to protect us, even as the world falls apart around us.

Understand, though, that God does not promise you will not get sick. You could get the Coronavirus. What God does promise is that he will be with you. He will make all things work for your good. He will give you a home in heaven through faith in Jesus.

Even in the middle of chaos and financial crisis, he will continue to provide everything you need for your body and soul.

All of time and history are in God’s powerful hands. You are in God’s powerful hands. So take a deep breath. Turn off the news. Get off your phone. Go outside. The sun is still shining. The seasons are changing. Life continues.

In the end, Edgar Allen Poe was right. Pendulums can be dangerous. So stay away from the extremes. Keep a balanced, faith-driven perspective to the pandemic.

God is still in control. It’s all in his hands … just make sure you wash yours.