baconeggsDo you know the difference between being involved and being committed? It’s the difference between bacon and eggs. Yeah, that’s right – bacon and eggs.

You see, in bacon and eggs, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

I live in rural Texas. Fourteen thousand people live in our entire county. Yet we have 50 churches. We must be a very Christian community, right?

A few years ago, a fellow pastor from our area shared with me a study that showed that 85% of our county is not in church on any given weekend. Eighty five percent! That’s a lot of chickens.

Even those of us who go to church regularly, how committed are we really? Sure we put in our hour a week. But is that what it means to be a Christian – to park our posteriors in the pew for an hour each week?

To understand what it means to be committed, we need to look at Jesus. In his great love, Jesus, the King and Creator of all things, left behind the cushy comfort of heaven to be born in a manure smelling barn. God became a helpless baby. On that night, God felt hunger and pain for the first time. On that night, God cried.

God lived a humble life of poverty and pain here on earth. Then, when he was thirty three years old, he marched straight into Jerusalem, knowing what was waiting for him. Think about that. If you knew a gang of thugs was waiting outside your front door with baseball bats to pound you, would you go out that door? No way. You would sneak out the back. You would call the cops.

Jesus walked into Jerusalem knowing the pain, the horror, the hell he was about to suffer. Yet he willingly suffered it all. He suffered God’s punishment for our lack of commitment. He suffered God’s punishment for our lack of love. He suffered God’s punishment for all the bad things we do in our place. Then he died our death. That is commitment.

Because of Jesus’ commitment to us, we are forgiven. God will not punish us for our halfhearted service because he already punished Jesus in our place. Even now, God is still committed one hundred percent to you and your salvation. He is working everything in your life to lead you to heaven.

When we see such love, such sacrifice, such commitment, it changes us. God gave everything for me. What can I give for him? An hour a week? Two hours a week? How about my whole week? How about my whole life? Don’t be a chicken. Don’t just be involved. Get committed.


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