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Russian Roulette of the Soul

russian roulette

Nobody is quite sure of the origin of the term. “Russian” refers to its supposed country of origin; “roulette” to the spinning of the gun’s chamber and the gamble the person is taking.

Russian roulette is a foolish and dangerous game. Throughout the decades, countless people have been maimed or killed by playing it. Yet people still play it today. Some play it because they have a death wish; others because it makes them look tough. Still others think it makes them cool.

In the end, Russian roulette is the epitome of stupidity.

And yet, you and I often play Russian roulette with the Holy Spirit. It goes something like this: God promises to always forgive us when we repent of our sins. No matter how far we fall, no matter how bad we mess up, Jesus died for that sin and God will forgive it.

That’s what I tell myself as I buy the case of beer at the gas station on the way home from work. That’s what I tell myself as I sit behind my computer in a dark room after everybody has gone to bed. That’s what I tell myself as I sit alone in my car with the guy from work who seems to understand me so much better than my husband.

“God will forgive me. He’ll always take me back. Nobody’s perfect.”

We let ourselves fall. We tell ourselves it’s a one off. We can always ask for forgiveness tomorrow.

That is the lie of the devil. That is playing Russian roulette with the Holy Spirit.

Yes, God has and will always forgive you because of Jesus. The problem is, are you really sorry if you plan on doing it and then asking God for forgiveness afterward? The problem is, once sin gets a foothold in your heart, it doesn’t want to let go. We become slaves to addictions. We become ensnared in our passions. We get desensitized to sin and soon aren’t even sorry any more.

The biggest problem with playing Russian roulette with the Holy Spirit is you could die. At what point when we knowingly sin are we turning away from God into unbelief? At what point are we risking our soul and our eternal salvation? I can’t look into person’s heart nor do I presume to know the mind of God, but if you play Russian roulette with the Holy Spirit and die, what will happen to you?

As I said before, Russian roulette is the epitome of stupidity.

Our God is an extremely patient God, but his patience is not infinite. There comes a point when God says, “Enough is enough.” Our God of mercy and grace is also a God of justice who punishes those who willfully reject him.

Consider the teenager who thinks he or she has a lifetime to turn to God. Right now they are busy with school and friends. They want to live life and have fun. They want to do their own thing. One day they will settle down. One day they’ll get back to church. One day they will get back to God.

What they don’t know is if God will say what he said in Jesus’ parable: “You fool! This very night your life will be demanded of you” (Luke 12:20).

Don’t play games with God’s grace. He loves you. He forgives you. He is extremely patient and will take you back no matter how far you’ve fallen – no matter how bad you’ve messed up.

But his patience does have an end. Sin has a way of trapping us in addiction and pulling us away from God. One day you will die and you don’t know what day that will be. So cling to God’s grace every day. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil. Fight against the temptation to play games with sin. The stakes are too high.

You are gambling your soul.