Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

vocation“Location, location, location.” That was the answer which the late British tycoon, Lord Harold Samuel, gave when asked, “What are the three most important factors in successful real estate?” In our world today, “location, location, location” has become the mantra of real estate moguls everywhere.

Location is the key.

Similarly, when it comes to understanding how God wants us to serve him here on earth, there are also three important factors to remember: vocation, vocation, vocation.

Vocation is the key.

When most people hear the term vocation, they think of their job – their career. But your career is actually only a part of your vocation. The term vocation literally means “calling.” God has called you to be and do many things. Your job is only a part of that calling.

First and foremost God has called you to be his redeemed child through the waters of Holy Baptism and the promises of his Word. You have been called out of darkness into the wonderful light of faith. You are a baptized child of God. You are an heir of heaven. That is what God has called you to be.

In loving thankfulness for that heavenly calling, God has also called you to serve him and others here on earth. If he has you here, that means he has things for you to do. Your life has purpose.

My vocation, for example, includes being a husband and father, a son and brother. My vocation includes being a pastor and writer. My vocation includes teaching Spanish to little children in our community and visiting the elderly in our area nursing homes. My vocation is taking my daughter to ballet lessons and playing Wii Bowling with my son.

What is your vocation? Why does God have you here on earth? If you struggle to answer that question, ask yourself three simple questions: Where am I? Who is with me? What abilities has God given me?

Those three factors help define your vocation. I live in a small town called Edna in the great state of Texas. The people around me are my wife and children, the members of my church, my friends and neighbors, my community. God has given me the ability to preach and teach and write. He has given me the gift to speak and teach Spanish. He has given me a deep love and concern for the elderly.

What people has God placed in your life? What gifts and talents has he given you? What opportunities to serve? Every person’s vocation is different. You don’t have to do what I do. God has made you different. He has placed you in a different location with different people with different opportunities to serve.

Understand, though, that your vocation changes with every stage of life. It changes as your children grow, as you transition jobs, as the people in your life come and go. Your vocation today isn’t the same as it was when you were twelve years old. In the same way, your vocation will be quite different when you are eighty.

Yet one thing remains a constant. Your Savior is calling you. He has adopted you his child and washed you of all your sins. One day he will call you home to heaven. Right now, however, he has things for you to do. The key to understanding what those things are can be found in three simple words.

Vocation, vocation, vocation.


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