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It Sure Beats Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping
It was just a few days before Christmas.
Two good friends decided to go sailing while their wives went Christmas shopping. While the men were out in their sailboat, a storm came upon them suddenly. The men had difficulty keeping their boat under control. As they maneuvered toward land, the boat hit ground on a sandbar.

Both men jumped overboard and pushed with all their strength, trying to free the boat. With his legs knee deep in mud, the waves pounding against him and his hair blowing wildly, one of the men yelled with a knowing grin, “It sure beats Christmas shopping, doesn’t it?”

I agree.

Right about now we have all reached the point of exhaustion. If it’s not Christmas shopping, then it’s visiting relatives. If it’s not finals at school, it’s working overtime to pay for the Christmas presents. There has to be more to Christmas than this!

There is. There is something much more to Christmas. Actually I should say that there is someone much more – the best Christmas present ever given: God’s Son, Jesus.

Why is Jesus such a great gift? He is the gift that keeps on giving.

In his great love, the all-powerful God did the unthinkable. He became a man. He came and took our place because we couldn’t cut it. We couldn’t live the perfect life that is required to go to heaven.

So Jesus came. He lived the perfect life we cannot in our place. He died our death. Then on the third day he rose again proving his power over death. Because of what Jesus did we now receive the greatest gift ever given: an eternity in heaven.

But wait there’s more.

With that eternity in heaven, God also gives us his continual presence and protection. No matter where we are, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, he will be there to help us.

And that’s not all.

He also promises us free access to him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through prayer. He promises to make all things work for our good. He promises that absolutely nothing can separate us from his love.

Now how much would you expect to pay for such a gift?

You can’t buy it in stores. You can’t get it on Amazon.com. But it can be yours for free. That’s right: FREE!

This Christmas rediscover the real reason for the season. Open your Bible and read Luke chapter 2. Hear God tell you about the gift that keeps on giving. Go to him quietly in prayer and thank him for his wonderful love. And don’t forget to go to church on Christmas and sing out your praises to your newborn Savior. No matter what, that sure beats Christmas shopping!