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Emotions on Steroids

hulkThe late 1990’s and early 2000’s have become known as the “Steroid Era” of Major League Baseball. With millions of dollars at stake and little to no testing, home runs and player’s bodies ballooned. Steroid use became rampant.

All of the modern home run records were broken during the Steroid Era. Eventually, however, it became clear that every single one of the record breakers was also a rule breaker – Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, to name just a few.

Workout routines which would normally bring slow and steady muscle growth, changed Bill Bixby looking baseball players into Lou Ferrigno seemingly overnight. That’s what steroids do. They make everything bigger.

What many of us often fail to see is how certain events in our lives act like steroids on our emotions. Stress at work, lack of sleep, hormonal issues or the death of a loved one are just a handful of emotionally charged situations which easily put our emotions on steroids.

During those times, little problems suddenly become overwhelming burdens. Small annoyances become unbearable frustrations. Insignificant squabbles turn into World War III.

The problem is that we often don’t even realize our emotions are on steroids. We truly believe that the problems are that big or that the people in our lives are just that uncaring, insensitive or evil.

Do you find yourself more stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed than usual? Take a moment to look at yourself honestly. Ask yourself: Are problems in one area of my life affecting how I react to other situations and people? Is my anger or stress with my family related to health or hormonal issues I am having?

Such questions are hard to answer. Talk to a friend or family member whom you trust. Are things how I perceive them or am I reacting through the filter of other issues in my life?

If your emotions are on steroids, be honest about it. Tell your friends and family what you are going through. Don’t make excuses. Rather, let them know you may struggle to react well to certain situations. Ask for their forgiveness and patience.

And then take it to God in prayer. Ask your Savior to forgive the ugly things you said in moments of rage or despair. Ask him to forgive your worry and doubt. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the peace he has promised.

Then feast on the promises of God’s Word. Find in Jesus forgiveness. If you don’t know where to look in your Bible, open up to the middle and just start reading the book of Psalms. Eventually you will find a Psalm which speaks to your situation.

Through his Word, God will help you deal with your exaggerated emotions. Through his Word, he will help you see things for how they really are. Through his Word, he will give you the peace the world cannot give.