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Four years ago, the NBA’s biggest star, LeBron James, went on national television and uttered the fateful words, “I’m taking my talents to Miami.” James was leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat. It was a public relations nightmare.

Instantly James became a persona non grata in his hometown. Fans burned LeBron James jerseys. The owner of the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, wrote a scathing public letter calling LeBron’s actions a “cowardly betrayal” and a “shameful display of selfishness.”

Then a few days later, LeBron once again went on national television with his new teammates and promised, “not one, not two, not three … not seven” championships to Miami. Four years later, LeBron and his Miami Heat teammates have now played in the last four NBA championships, winning two.

This last Friday, James announced in a much more subdued manner, “I’m coming home.” He is going to once again play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans in Cleveland erupted with joy. Clevelanders flocked once again to buy LeBron James jerseys. Dan Gilbert wrote on Twitter: “Welcome home @kingjames. I am excited for the fans of people of Cleveland and Ohio.”

Fans in Miami responded by desecrating a LeBron James billboard.

faithfulPeople are fickle creatures. We flip flop. We are undependable. We change our minds like teenage girls falling in and out of love. One moment you can’t wait for the cool weather of winter; the next you are complaining about the cold. One year you vote for a politician, the next you vote against him. One day you are deeply in love; the next you are divorced.

Our God is different. Another James (not named LeBron) once wrote that our God doesn’t “change like the shifting shadows” (James 1:17). The Apostle Paul says, “If we are faithless; he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself” (2 Timothy 4:13).

Theologians call that God’s “immutability.” Our God never changes. As we are tossed about in the sea of this ever-changing world, God’s immutability is our anchor.

God never changes. That means that his love for you never changes. God will not wake up one morning and say, “I don’t love you anymore.”

Because he never changes, God will always do what he promises to do. God promised the first people, Adam and Eve, that he would send a descendant of Eve who would crush Satan’s power. Thousands of years later, Jesus defeated the devil with his death on the cross. God kept his promise. He can’t help it. If he says he will do something, it always gets done.

What does God promise to do for you? He promises to forgive you (1 John 1:8,9). He promises to be with you (Matthew 28:20). He promises you will live forever in heaven (John 11:25,26). You can be sure he will do those things because he never changes. You can be sure because his love for you never changes.

Will LeBron James stay in Cleveland? I don’t know. Will Cleveland fans still love him a year from now or ten years from now? I don’t know that either. What I do know is that our God is not a fickle fan. He will still love you next year, ten years from now and forever. He is immutable. He never changes. That is our comfort. That is our anchor in this ever-changing world.