No Small Thing

small potatoesThere are times in our lives when God lovingly pops the balloon of our pride. God did that for me a while back. I was feeling pretty good about myself. The weekly devotion I write is now being published in three newspapers and my blog receives nearly a thousand views a week. My Facebook page is nearing 500 likes. Over 100 people follow me on Twitter.

I was feeling pretty good until I looked up some other Christian writers and bloggers on-line. Many have thousands of likes on Facebook and tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. Thousands of people read their writing every single day.

Compared to them, I am small potatoes. I have a little article I write for three small newspapers and a blog which reaches maybe a couple hundred people. I am the pastor of a small church in a small town in rural Texas. I am small potatoes.

Do you ever feel like small potatoes? You watch Joel Osteen on TV and see the 15,000 people who fill his arena-sized church. Then you go to your church on Sunday and see 26 people parked in the pews. You hear the beautiful singers in your church choir and feel embarrassed by your creaky little voice croaking out the hymns. When we see the amazing things God accomplishes through other people, we can easily begin to feel like our efforts are small potatoes.

In the year 539 BC, thousands of Jews returned to their homeland after seventy years of exile in Babylon. One of the first things they did was try to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The project stalled, however, as many realized they were never going to be able to build a temple as beautiful and glorious as the one King Solomon had built. Their temple would be small potatoes in comparison.

It wasn’t small potatoes to God, though.

Speaking through the Prophet Zechariah, he asked them, “Who despises the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). When it comes to God and our service to him, there are no small things.

What God does for you is no small thing. God became a man. That man suffered the hellish fury our sins deserve. Because he did, God forgives you every minute of every hour of every day. That is no small thing.

He provides everything you need for body and life – clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and home, family and friends. Everything that happens to you and around you is a part of his master plan of love. Every moment of your life has purpose and meaning. That is no small thing.

And neither is your service to God. When you baptize your children and bring them to church, the angel choirs of heaven break into song. The quiet prayers you say at night powerfully affect the course of your life and the lives of others. When you lovingly cook for your family, clean the toilets at church, and toil away at a tedious job – whenever you faithfully live and work for God and others – God smiles and the angels sing. Your service to God is never a small thing.

God has blessed me personally with the opportunity to share the good news of his love and forgiveness with the handful of people who attend my church and read my articles. Even if nobody else reads this article, you have. Through it God has reminded you of the great things he does for you and through you.

That’s no small thing.


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