LonelyI am feeling lonely right now. My wife and kids are visiting grandpa and grandma for a week. During the day it’s not so bad. I stay busy. The nights are what kill me. The silence. The empty house. The vacant beds.

I miss my family.

Are you lonely? Do you go to bed in an empty house? Maybe you’re single or widowed. Maybe you struggle to make friends. You feel alone.

At this point I could do what many Christians often do. I could give you a quick platitude about how God is with you and send you on your way. Yet you already know that. You talk with God in prayer. You hear him speak to you in his Word. Even so, the echoing emptiness of your home still haunts your heart.

God made us to be social beings. People do need people. The poet John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island unto itself.” Even the most antisocial among us need some human interaction.

You feel lonely.

The truth is, however, you are not alone. After God created Adam, he said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” From the man’s rib, God formed a woman, and since that time human beings have had other human beings. Though we feel lonely, God never leaves us alone.

You have people – family, neighbors, fellow Christians – whom God has placed in your life. They may not be the people you want. You may want to find a husband or wife to share your home and bed. You may want your dead spouse to come back. You may want a different family – other friends – who understand you better.

You may not always like the people God has placed in your life. You may only have one or two with whom you can talk, but you are not alone.

Have you ever noticed how you can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely? We crave certain relationships. We want to be loved and accepted. Sometimes though, the people God places in our lives don’t fulfill those yearnings and that’s hard for us to accept.

So what should you do when you feel lonely? First of all, keep talking to God in prayer and hearing him speak to you in his Word. That conversation is what changes our perspective and gives us the strength to face the dark, lonely nights.

In his Word, God opens our eyes to see the heaven Jesus won for us where we will never again feel lonely – where we will be reunited with our loved ones who died in Christ – where we will finally see and converse with God face to face.

God’s Word also helps us to see and accept the people God has placed in our lives. Don’t listen to the devil’s lie that you are alone. Call your mom. Go out your front door. Say “hi” to your neighbor.

Go to church.

Maybe that’s the best advice of all. God has given you a family in Christ. Even if you struggle to talk to the people sitting around you in the pew, they are your God-given family. They may not always understand you, but many, if not all of them, love you.

Look around. Though you feel lonely, you are not alone.


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